Philosophy - Selling with Integrity

The Selling with Integrity philosophy is to take the fight out of the sale. It is possible to turn every sale into a positive experience for you and the customer, by understanding the customer’s emotional and logical buying process in detail and knowing how to create the best immediate outcome.

With the appropriate energy, language and timing you can lead the customer to feel, think and act in a pre-determined manner with persuasion. This is a learned skill, not a born talent.

It’s difficult to close something that has not been opened.

Our job, as sales people is to effectively open the customer up, mentally and emotionally. We need to understand the buyer’s personal process and guide them through their own process, not ours. By earning the customer’s trust and creating the right chemistry, we develop a relationship that works – one where they are choosing to make a purchase for all the right reasons, and because they feel you care about them, because you do.

Establish the customers’ needs and wants and develop their desire for your product or service so they are motivated over and above any other concern.

Find the things that work and do more of it. Find the things that don’t work and don’t do them. On a daily basis I share strategies with sales people and managers that are controversial but effective. Things improve only when YOU do. Tweak your behaviour and selling skills and results will change.

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