Participants of Rick's workshop boast of higher profits and commissions from sales skills that are proven to work. In a survey of workshop participants from three different programs in three different countries, feedback rated Rick “Excellent” in content, style and effectiveness 98% of the time.

“After 21 years in the Prestige Motor Industry I am still using the skills that I learnt from Rick Prohm when starting out as a cadet. As the motor industry evolves and changes over the years, it is important to adapt. Rick has brought refreshing new strategies to our team whilst still addressing the fundamentals of successfully selling in today's market. There are very few trainers that truly understand how to sell and negotiate effectively, and are able to inspire sales executives in this dynamic industry. Rick has the experience and skill level to deliver that.”
Susan Butler, GM, Mercedes Benz Melbourne Airport

“Blair took it upon himself to watch every video and attend all those “Rick Prohm... Selling with Integrity” seminars in order to attain a variety of selling skills. It seemed to work! After only 7 months in the industry, Blair moved onto well-known Tauranga New Zealand dealer Trevor Lee Auto Sales and went on to become the number one salesman in the Bay of Plenty, averaging 21.4 sales per month over a 3 year period. His best ever day was 7 sales (in the pouring rain) and best figures ever were 36 sales in 21 days.”
Blair Howard AUTOHUB review, Tauranga, New Zealand

“Rick, your experience, drive, enthusiasm and professionalism were essential in assisting us to motivate and reinvigorate our Lexus Sales Consultants. You have now reset the benchmark for all Lexus sales staff and without your support, the training would not have been as productive.”
Grant Barling, Manager Sales, Lexus Australia

“The enthusiasm and professionalism of our sales team has been improved dramatically. Retail sales records have been broken. Looking forward to doing more good things with you in the future.”
Michael Cornock, Lennock Motors, Australia

“Our staff attended your one-day workshop in Houston. The next day we sold 79 cars. Thank you, Rick.”
Mark J. Keough, General Manager, Planet Ford, Houston, Texas

“I would like to congratulate you on behalf of Australia Post for you performance as guest speaker at our Signed, Sealed and Delivered Direct Marketing Seminar. Your presentation was informative and delivered with great enthusiasm. The feedback I received from attendees praised your professionalism and planning for the event.”
John Ashe, Senior Account Manager Direct Market Advertising, Australia Post

“Thank you for a very successful sales training program today. I received very positive feedback and believe all 60 of my staff who attended the workshop will benefit from the experience shared by you. I would be happy to arrange a similar workshop for our Melbourne and Brisbane sales teams.”
John Symonds, Managing Director, Aussie Home Loans

“Rick, I’'ve been exposed and associated with hundreds of professional salespeople, so I'm qualified in making this statement. You are the leader in seminar sales, awarded Salesman of the Year with Jackie B Cooper/ Bob Mohr and associates. You’ are the man who can do the work of ten. Thanks for your outstanding achievement. You are a true Pioneer”
Jackie B Cooper

“Over the last three decades I've watched Rick's Career blossom from Salesman of the Year at Bob Saks Oldsmobile Detroit, to a dynamic international speaker. His content relates to today's situations addressing today's buyers. His workshop is a must see!”
Randy Hagerman, GM Berger Chevrolet, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Dear Rick, I really appreciate all your help with writing my speech and professional guidance with my delivery. It was an overwhelming success. ONE Sincere THANK YOU”
Kate Maday, One Agency Maday Property, Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

“Rick, thank you again for the outstanding training you facilitated. I would have no hesitation in recommending your programmes for businesses or individuals looking to accelerate their sales performance and success. Few can claim victory in both business and the individual’'s eyes, however I know through both my personal and business success and experience that you can.”
Glenn Rudhall, General Manager, Armstrong Prestige, New Zealand

“Dear Rick, The training the team attended on the 8th & 9th April was exceptionally well received by all team members, with participants stating that it was the most relevant sales training for today's sales environment they had received in many years.”
Mike Farmer, Group Managing Director Farmer Autovillage, Tauranga City, New Zealand

“Following the 2 nights of your Selling with Integrity workshop, my sales, management team and I were excited to implement and adapt all your key points and action ideas. I have a background in sales training and was impressed with your enthusiasm, unique style, practical approach as well as industry experience and credibility which made it an entertaining, enjoyable and most importantly informative experience. I look at the training as an investment rather than a cost! Thanks Again.”
Tom Wright, General Manager, Pickerings Auto Group, Queensland, Australia

“My staff and I have attended Rick's Selling with Integrity sales training workshop in Johannesburg. I have recommended Rick to our other dealerships in the group and all have been satisfied. His performance and services have been great value and we look forward to future dealings and are happy to recommend Rick Prohm.”
Thomas Hart, Dealer Principle Imperial Toyota Bedfordview, South Africa

“The Mekor Ford sales team and I attended the Rick Prohm Selling with Integrity training and it was an eye opener for all of us. I have been in this fantastic game of selling motor vehicles for 27 years and this is by far the best sales training course I have ever attended. Thank you once again Rick for a wonderful course”
Grant McDonough, Dealer Principle, Mekor Ford Mazda Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa

“Dear Rick, Just a short note to say thank you from my sales team and myself. We certainly have received fantastic closing techniques that will definitely help each of us close 3-4 extra sales per month. Just when you think you know it all, someone like Rick comes along and brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, this is when you realise that you actually never stop learning new skills in this industry. Rick is truly knowledgeable with fantastic skills and personality. Anyone can learn from him. Thank You Rick, looking forward to your next visit to Cape Town.”
Craig Freegard, Sales Manager Land Rover N1 City Cape Town, South Africa

“The following month after my new car sales department and myself attended Ricks Joburg seminar we achieved the #1 position for Honda and have held that position for the last 9 consecutive months, closing our financial year as the #1 Honda dealership in the Southern Hemisphere. Thank You Rick for your influence that complimented our hard work.”
Rui Santos, Dealer Principle. Honda Sandton, Johannesburg South Africa

“Rick, just a quick note to say thank you for getting me on the highway to #1. All the best.”
Jason Dougherty, Cricks Mitsubishi Queensland Australia

“On behalf of all the Bundaberg Toyota Sales and Management team, I personally would like to thank you for your sales training seminar. We have in our team, people that have been selling for seventeen plus years and others that are new to the industry. All my sales staff found your course none other than beneficial. We have already started implementing your action plans in our dealership and are seeing great results. Well worth the investment. Thank you Rick.”
Robert Dafo, GSM Bundaberg Toyota, Queensland, Australia

“Dear Rick, I have been fortunate with my career in the car industry and achieved some accolades that I am very proud of, from being #1 sales specialist in Australia with HSV Holden in 2005 to #1 Premium Sales Manager in Australia in 2007. Now I enjoy working with the number one prestige marque in the world - Mercedes Benz. In 2002 I purchased from you a set of CDs of the conference I attended. I listened to them daily on the way to and from work. Over a couple years I misplaced the set and in 2008 I decided to contact you to replace them. I can tell you quite honestly that it was not until this time I came to understand the impact you had on me. I was amazed when listening to the CDs, nearly all of what I used in my work from opening techniques to closing techniques was your material. To this day I effectively close sales for my team of 9 sales professionals using things I learned from you all those years ago. It is with great respect that I would like to thank you Rick. If not for your direction back then, I am not sure I would be where I am now. Also let me assure you that the techniques and word tracks you taught me those years ago are quite effective in today's market. In fact, I can often still impress my sales people with some Rick Prohm magic. Thank you so very much for your wisdom and influence. Respectfully,”
Michael Low, Mercedes Benz Brisbane, Australia

“Dear Rick, I just want to thank you for 2 great nights of training. It was a genuine pleasure to be involved in your sessions; our team has returned to work excited and enthusiastic. You have 'loaded the gun' of our best performing salespeople and I'm looking forward to seeing some great results from them. It is very rare we get the opportunity to get this sort of professional sales training in our regional environment. If I can assist you in the future, please don't hesitate to call me. Thanks again.”
Chris Gibson, Dealer Principle, Clancy Automotive, Dubbo, Australia

“Rick, After over 25 years in our beloved industry and having attended virtually every sales course available on the planet (INCLUDING MANY AT MY OWN EXPENSE) I finally booked myself on one that could have revolutionised my life and tripled my earnings if only I'd been on it all those long years ago. On a personal note, my sincere thanks for the energy, your conviction in the delivery of your seminar, and downright skill that you offer to those who will listen and learn. Having achieved the number 1 sales status with Mercedes in England I can say this - Rick you can talk the talk, and more importantly, you can walk the walk!”
David Colbeck, Dealer Principle, Mercedes-Benz of York, England

“Dear Rick, The feedback expressed from my sales and management staff regarding your September “SELLING WITH INTEGRITY“ workshop here in Chicago was very impressive. Schaumburg Honda has held the Number One Volume position in Illinois since 1986 and we are the most profitable Dealership in the Midwest American Region. Well the dust has settled after our record breaking month in both new and used cars departments for the month of August. Rick it was refreshing to hear and watch you demonstrate real selling situations that often cause a salesperson to react in a way that causes conflict, and lose control of the sale, or throw away profit unnecessarily. When you shared alternative strategies that aid the sales person in achieving a positive response and result, it was obvious you earned their respect in selling in today's market. Our sales staff returned to the dealership enthused, and re-excited about the business. I am happy to recommend your training and will be looking forward to sending additional sales staff to your next seminar here in Chicago. Respectfully,”
John Barrett, General Manager Bob Rohrman Auto Group, Chicago

“Dear Rick, I'm writing to thank you for the opportunity to attend your “SELLING WITH INTEGRITY“ seminar this past week in Las Vegas. I knew this was an event not to be missed, shortly after meeting you in person! The content of your seminar was as promised and more, delivered by a real sales professional who's been there and knows what he's talking about. After attending and participating, I know the knowledge gained will help me increase my income and is well worth the time and investment to be there. Since it was difficult to retain all the information you covered, I was relieved to find you offered a 6 volume CD Set available after attending the seminar. Now any time I want to review any of the teachings or issues I can go to just the right track on the right one of 6 CDs. Great for those who understand we all need to get sharp, keep learning and review to stay sharp, as the art of selling demands. I have been in the car business for 5 years as a salesman, and this was by far the best training I've been exposed to, period! Thanks for putting it all together so we can all benefit from your experience. Great value.”
Lance Hirdler, Findlay Cadillac, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Dear Rick, I just wanted to share the sentiments expressed by my sales and management staff regarding your sales training they attended here in Chicago. Luxury Motors is the Number One selling Bentley Dealership in the Midwest America region, selling 25-30 new Bentley's and over 200 Used Prestige automobiles per month. It was refreshing to hear and watch you demonstrate real selling situations that often cause a salesperson to lose control of the sale or react in a way that is counterproductive to a positive result for our clients and ourselves. The many alternative selling responses that you shared where not only thought provoking and insightful, but very effective strategies in dealing with our customers in today's luxury market. Our salesman returned to the dealership enthused and excited about their role and responsibility as a professional and their commitment to this great industry. The strategies you covered on the phone and internet inquiries and the varieties of closing techniques have already paid for the course and returning us additional sales and increased profit. Rick, thanks again for a well-planned course that was tailored to our needs in the real world of selling automobiles.”
Gino Oprea, General Manager Bentley Downers Grove Luxury Motors, Chicago

“I want to share some information about our experience with Mr. Rick Prohm. Rick visited our dealership to participate in one of our sales meetings and to offer to our sales staff the opportunity to attend his 2 day sales workshop. He created excitement and enrolled many of our salespeople and I also chose to attend, as well as my 5 Sales Managers. Harvey automotive conducts ongoing training on product, sales techniques/procedures/processes and are always looking for more ideas on 'how to have the most successful operation'. After attending the “SELLING WITH INTEGRITY“ automotive sales workshop held in Grand Rapids Michigan, I was not disappointed. Rick Prohm delivered a very informative, worthwhile seminar that will enhance our skills as automotive professionals. His workshop will benefit Sales Consultants and Sales Managers. I intend to send 2 more managers to Mr. Prohm's June workshop in Kalamazoo.”
Eldon Grosvenor, General Manager, Harvey Cadillac Hummer, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Dear Rick, Your skills and techniques are proving to bring us great results. Your enthusiasm has helped motivate our sales staff and gave them a jumpstart! We continue to watch and use your DVDs as ongoing training for both previous and new sales staff. We are putting many of your ideas and strategies to good use and I want to thank you for all your support. Sincerely,.”
Mike Farland, Traverse City, Cherry Capital Cadillac, Subaru

“Dear Rick, Just a short letter to thank you once again for inviting us to your workshop. We all took so many worthwhile ideas back to the dealership. I am still following your strategies and Mark has become a Ninja on the phone. I would recommend anyone who wants to inject their sales team with renewed optimism, vigour and enthusiasm for the job to seek out the Rick Prohm experience. Cheers Rick! Kind regards,”
Steve Kelly, Centre Manager Lexus Hull, East Yorkshire, UK

“Dear Rick, I have let the dust truly settle after our fabulous weekend 'Main Event' sale you conducted on June 22 & 23 which exceeded our wildest expectations. When you consider we are purveyors of BMW, Honda, Range Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Peugeot and other imported exotica, our initial expectations of 40 sales for the weekend seemed to set the bar ambitiously. When we had 20 sales up by noon on Saturday I knew we were on the verge of a very special weekend. For those who count these things we had 165 cars in stock and sold 92 over the 2 days, had a lot of fun and bonded our dealership staff in an experience they won't forget, and yes we made a lot of money! Thank you personally for your attention to detail in the preparatory weeks and your sense of what it takes to get the job done and your enthusiasm throughout the whole project. Yours sincerely,”
Ian Pagent, Managing Director Trivett Classic Motoring, Sydney, Australia

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