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Rick’s dynamic, engaging and inspiring workshops have been perfected over two decades of professional presentation. Participants learn the strategies of a master in an entertaining, enlightening and captivating atmosphere.

Rick's record breaking sales achievements have earned him the title of  "The Salesman's Salesman". A day with Rick Prohm can see your monthly sales targets exceeding all expectations.

What is Selling with Integrity?

Workshop Benefits

As a direct result of attending the Selling with Integrity workshop and using the practical skills, you will learn...

How to overcome rejection
How to work smarter, not harder
How to turn objections into opportunities
How to better qualify and convert prospects
How to negotiate for higher profits
How to negotiate a win-win for you and your customer
More than 35 closing techniques that work
How to improve your Customer Satisfaction Index
How to develop more referral business
How to improve your self image
How to identify and eliminate shortcuts
How to eliminate self-imposed limitations which inhibit your effectiveness
How to identify and eliminate “Sales Violations”

Learn How to Identify and Eliminate “Sales Violations” During each stage of the selling process

INTRODUCTION Build Instant Rapport
QUALIFYING Investigation versus Interrogration
SELECTION Profitable Switching
COMMITMENT Strength of the Close
NEGOTIATION More Profit on Purpose
CLOSING The Crucial Step
DELIVERY The Moment of Truth
REFERRALS The Breakfast of Champions
CUSTOMER FOLLOW UP Systems and Solutions
SELF IMAGE The Power Within You

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